About Me

My passion for felt and wearable art started many years ago, but my dream has only recently come to fruition. I attended the London college of Fashion in the sixties. In the seventies my interest in textiles turned to spinning, weaving and dying. Felting was a natural progression, initially I was self taught with the help of books. In recent years I have had the good fortune to have experienced some excellent teaching from skilled felt makers.

Being of a practical personality, my felting has been focused on wearable art; scarves, clothing hats and bags. Each item that I create is unique and all the fabric and fibres are hand dyed.

For the last year I have had my own stand Textile Creations by Meg at the Alexandra Palace, Harrogate and Olympia Knitting and Stitching Shows, where my wearable art is for sale along with all my hand dyed merino, silk fibres and silk chiffon.

Regular workshops are held in East Kent in nuno felt scarves, hats, bags and needle felting.